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Wendy Dowling CONG CLUB
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Yoga & Meditation Class (Dutch)

Tune in weekly with Wendy for inner growth, calm & inspired living.

  • 12,50 euro
  • Online from the Netherlands

What to expect.

Join my weekly yoga and meditation class aimed at inner growth, calm and inspired living, which you can stream in at any moment. In these classes we use yoga, meditation, visualization and breathwork to connect with inner balance and your vital energy. About Wendy I was born on the tropical island of Aruba, where I grew up with the sand under my feet and the soft, warm wind on my skin. I was always outside in the nature, where I felt connected with all the elements and a sense of freedom. I believe that ‘working on yourself’ should be accompanied by more lightness and pleasure. Lightness as a counterpart to the heavier challenges in life, as an important precondition for creating, but also to be able to enjoy more and experience more flow and a ‘joie de vivre’ in your life. In my personally tailored, warm and loving sessions, you will learn to make a strong connection with your authentic self, so that your life energy can flow and you can bring the work of your heart and soul into the world with conviction. When you are connected with the passion,wisdom,strength and talents within yourself, you also radiate this energy, touching the people in your environment. You become ‘attractive” in the sense that you attract people but what suits you can also move your way. Classes: Every Wednesday 19.45- 21.15 CET


Stationsweg 19, Den Bosch, Nederland



'We like to make it personal and really know the people we work with. Cause we believe that sharing from personal experience is very powerful.' 


Cora van Ingen - founder CONG

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