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A space
where talent can flourish.

Bring your own support network to the workplace.

 We help reach your full growth potential and job satisfaction, so you can get the best from yourself. Starting ànd continuing to work with positive energy. Empower yourself and bring your own support network to the workplace. Better alligning business interests and your personal wants and needs. A CONG CLUB membership shows that you’re serious about investing in your professional and personal life. Together we shape the future of work.

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Coaching, training, developing talent is a personal matter. With the world around us constantly changing. Getting more digital, agile and data driven. Efforts from organizations to achieve change are more often short-term than transformative and hardly in line with the mission, vision and core values. That's why CONG bundled 20 years of digital knowledge, experience and her powerful network in a CLUB concept, that allows people and organizations to move forward into the modern future with a healthy sense of business. A good spend of your personal development budget.

empower yourself with a personal global support network.

manage your own development plan & relocation budget.

enjoy a Soft landing in the Netherlands.

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Monique Manger HR Eurail

You can choose from different models, so you can offer a custom solution. What suits the candidate and which model you choose as an employer. Very nice, because there is never one way, especially if the candidate moves from abroad to the Netherlands for work.

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Anish Nalabanda Member

With CONG’s help I moved to the Netherlands to join Eurail as a Frontend developer. During different challenges I faced, my contact Cora has been a calming influence. I never felt that I have to face this challenge alone. She always found a solution to help me.

Gabriel Ajabahian Member

I highly recommend Cora and her professional services. She is an honest and forthright professional in her own right and does an excellent job matching company needs to a professional’s desires.



We understand that your professional and personal life aren't separated. That's why we help you to breakout the system and discover new things. Making your personal development plan, walking in the forest with your outdoor coach, meeting-up with professionals who speak your language and are facing the same challenges. Are you looking for a new challenge? We'll connect you to people who dare and inspire you. For whoever or whatever you need, the CONGmunity is there for you.





We offer a home for global talent to meet, sleep, relax and energize, both online as in real life.


The CONG CLUB initiative started in 2019 when the founder of CONG, decided to bring the spirit of 'Ubuntu' into her world. An ancient African word meaning ‘humanity to others’, relating to bonding with others.  A new Global & Social Tribe was born, the
Cora has been involved in the world of Global staffing for over 20 years. So much has changed over two decades, remote working became common practice, Talentmanagement was not a fleeting buzzword but a loud cry for concrete action. In short, new ideas were bubbling up and taking off on all sides. And yet, In this world filled with opportunities and prospects, Cora saw people getting more and more unhappy. Feeling like a number, not really seen or heard. They had fallen victim to opportunistic cowboys, bureaucratic structures and stubborn misconceptions. At the same time, she spoke to companies that were struggling too. Only able to attract and sustain talent for a short time, while hiring costs where getting sky-high. Not very healthy or sustainable. 


The missing ingredient according to Cora? Humanity. How can you give people the right guidance if you don’t really know what engages them? Or what holds them back? Well, you can’t. Especially when people are moving from abroad, their professional ànd personal life is turned up-side-down. A fact hardly recognized in the business playingfield. That’s why CONG was founded in 2018, a Work & Lifestyle agency that guides organizations and helps people to create a happy working & personal life, with a refreshing businessmodel based on social communities. CONG is not  just about bringing modern organisations together with the best developers, creators, makers and builders. We connect, care, create while putting great importance to happiness. Because people are more creative and stronger when they work together. 


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Cora van Ingen

Cora van Ingen


 With CONG I want to create a world that brings out the best in people and organisations. That's my passion.

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Wendy Dowling
Vitality & Hapinesss

A soft landing is very important, as well as creating a creating a save space where talent can flourish.

Frederik van Seijen

Frederik van Seijen
Agile Training & Coaching

Guiding people, teams and organisations on their Agile journey gives me great pleasure.

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