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About us

CONG isn’t just about bringing organisations together with the best developers, creators, makers and builders – CONG is a lifestyle! We facilitate, inspire and transform, while at the same time putting great importance on (job) satisfaction. That’s because people are more creative, more innovative and stronger when they’re feeling happy. You’re thinking, all of those things together? Yes, that’s right. We’re about having it all, not choosing one thing over another. We’re also idealistic. We bring out the best in people, projects and organisations because the best results then follow automatically. That’s why we are here, for you. That’s what makes us feel good!


CONG is specialized partner ' Vitaal Bedrijf'

a national program of the Dutch government
to become the most vital country.



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The CONG CLUB initiative started in 2019 when the founder of CONG, decided to bring the spirit of 'Ubuntu' into her world. An ancient African word meaning ‘humanity to others’, relating to bonding with others.  A new Global & Social Tribe was born, the
Cora has been involved in the world of Global staffing for over 20 years. So much has changed over two decades, remote working became common practice, Talentmanagement was not a fleeting buzzword but a loud cry for concrete action. In short, new ideas were bubbling up and taking off on all sides. And yet, In this world filled with opportunities and prospects, Cora saw people getting more and more unhappy. Feeling like a number, not really seen or heard. They had fallen victim to opportunistic cowboys, bureaucratic structures and stubborn misconceptions. At the same time, she spoke to companies that were struggling too. Only able to attract and sustain talent for a short time, while hiring costs where getting sky-high. Not very healthy or sustainable. 


The missing ingredient according to Cora? Humanity. How can you give people the right guidance if you don’t really know what engages them? Or what holds them back? Well, you can’t. Especially when people are moving from abroad, their professional ànd personal life is turned up-side-down. A fact hardly recognized in the business playingfield. That’s why CONG was founded in 2018, a Work & Lifestyle agency that guides organizations and helps people to create a happy working & personal life, with a refreshing businessmodel based on social communities. CONG is not  just about bringing modern organisations together with the best developers, creators, makers and builders. We connect, care, create while putting great importance to happiness. Because people are more creative and stronger when they work together. 

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