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your OWN tribe BUILDS thE BEST team.

As a Work & Lifestyle agency for Tech, Digital, Data talent, we are well aware of the challenges that recruitment and retention entail for the industry. After trying all the usual ways to move away from the old system, we realized that if we really wanted to improve the world around us, we needed to find more creative ways. Instead of looking for inspiration in exotic, remote places, we started with what we had around us; a growing warm network. We have been surrounded by fantastic talent all over the world for over 20 years now and we are proud to have picked up something together.

A new model to Recruit, Employ and Retain Talent. Because we want to create something different. Together, fair, affordable. From Good Employmentship and with Zero Talent Waste. Cause that's what makes us Feel Good!


With members around the globe, no challenge is too big for us. Whether you're far or near, we want to see talents flourish and not go to waste. With a TRIBESOURCING membership everything and everyone benefits: the people, the organisation and, not unimportant, the results.


You don't pay a one-off recruitment fee, but a membership fee per month per employee to join the CONG CLUB for a period of 1 year, which ensures that professionals are continuously deployed, stay happy and develop professionally. 


Candidates that applied with you directly but don't match, are referred to a 'better match'. Every placement, we share profits with you. We call this Zero Talent Waste. Very sympathetic, right? And sustainable at the same time.


You build your own team from a high quality warm network; your Tribe. Which not just saves you time, but makes money for all parties involved. Members & Employers.


You get your Membership for free after introducing 3 new TRIBESOURCE Members. Once they start on a new job, our placement fee is shared with you.

We exist, because you exist. Following the spirit of 'Ubuntu'. 

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Innovative Tech, Digital, Data professional (25-35 age) with Bachelor or Master degree, min. 2-3 years experience, wanting to work in the Netherlands, eager to develop personally and professionally.

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Find the right membership for you

  • CONG CLUB Membership

    Every month
    Valid for 12 months
    • Free choosing from CONNECT, CARE, CREATE building blocks.
    • Aligned with your Terms & Benefits
    • According to your Development Plans
  • CONG CLUB Membership

    Every month
    • Access to Global CONGmunity
    • CONG Classes (value € 20)
    • CONG HANGOUTS discounts (10%)
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