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Working with people from abroad? Such a hassle!

That's a line I often hear. Many companies have little appetite for all the administrative and employment-related hassle or are not always able to properly oversee the financial risks. Understandable, because it is quite complex if you don't deal with it on a daily basis. Add forced remote working to the mix and it becomes even more challenging.

After 20 years of experience in the global staffing industry, this market holds only few secrets for us. Which means that we can do a lot to make processes as simple and pleasant as possible. Not only business wise, but also human wise.

Macedonia… isn't that Europe? Let's say you would like to employ an external employee from Macedonia and you are a Dutch company. How do you do that? And what happens when this employee comes to live and work in the Netherlands? What fiscal, legal and social impact will that have on your future employee? What risks does this possibly entail for you as an employer? What options do you have to safely employ someone remotely? And what steps and actions must be taken for this? These are questions that we help our clients with every day. We advise, but we also make it happen. Legal advisors help to mitigate risks, I think as an entrepreneur and point out the possibilities.

“We had a mega challenge due to the Corona situation. We hired a candidate who was still living in India at the time and then the Corona broke out. CONG has been looking for solutions from the start, so the candidate was able to work for us and after 7 months he flew to the Netherlands. If that is not a collaboration then I don't know anymore! " Monique Manger, HR - Eurail

Which complicated puzzle can we help you solve?

From our sincere interest in the motives and ambitions of people and organizations, we are keen to know what moves a professional and what is really going on in organizations. Based on that passion, we speak to many people every day with the aim of establishing a sustainable collaboration that feels good.

Cora van Ingen

Creator of CONG - Work & Lifestyle agency for Global Talent in Technology

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