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DISC Colors

Assessment for building a more collaborative workplace.

  • 30 min
  • 75 euro
  • Stationsweg

What to expect.

The true potential of any organization lies with its people. The DISC assessment helps your people to re-connect to themselves and each other, embracing their diverse strengths and behavior styles. DISC can be used to deepen self-awareness, increase appreciation of others, and improve abilities to work together to get things done. We all are rainbows No DISC style is better than any other, and we all use each of the four styles as we go about our daily lives. DISC simply helps us find out which style we tend to gravitate toward most — our comfort zone. With that knowledge, we can understand our underlying tendencies and preferences and adapt our behaviors to interact with others more effectively. Way of Working After registration you will receive an email from the certified DISC expert with registration link and instructions, with which you can complete the DISC questions online. This is followed by a behavioral analysis. Completing this questionnaire takes 20-30 minutes. You will then receive your personal DISC behavioral analysis report in the mail. Drives Analysis You can extend the behavioral profile with a motivation analysis. The Dynamics Analysis maps the most important inner motivators. It provides insight into why we do what we do and what motivates us. A motivation reflects what we find important in life and from which situations we are inclined to take action. In order to interpret your DISC analysis report, it is recommended to have it explained in a debriefing with the DISC Expert. Inquire about the possibilities.


  • Stationsweg 19, Den Bosch, Nederland



'We like to make it personal and really know the people we work with. Cause we believe that sharing from personal experience is very powerful.' 


Cora van Ingen - founder CONG

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