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Let's keep these relaxing vibes going!

Last week we practiced our first Yoga & Mindfulness CLASS with Laura Tabrizi, live from Ibiza. Starting with a small group of eight free spirits tuning in from Spain, Morocco and the Netherland the space we created together had an honest & intimate energy.

Laura invited us to slow down the pace, so we could have a deeper and more steady experience of relaxation in our body. Together discovering the essence of yoga: which is finding inner Peace.

We practiced a series of soft yoga poses, flowing fluently into each other, strung together by the breath. Getting out of our heads, feeling at ease while gently and safely sinking back into our bodies. It was so nice to share this experience together!

Thank you participants for your openness and the courage to step out of your comfort zone. That's where the magic begins!

What people said:

'It was so busy today, but I'm feeling really relaxed now.'