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Member Story Anish Nalabanda

“Hi, I’m Anish. With CONG’s help I recently moved to the Netherlands to join Eurail as a Frontend developer."

I am from India originally, which is where I studied Computer Science engineering. I have worked as a software developer for over 6 years in India, Malaysia, Singapore and now the Netherlands. I really enjoy being part of a diverse and multi-cultural team.

MOVING TO THE NETHERLANDS There were a lot of uncertainties when moving to the Netherlands in terms of:

  • Employment contract

  • Visa process

  • Housing

  • Registration;

CONG has helped and guided with all of them, which made moving to the Netherlands much easier.

CHALLENGES There were a lot of challenges because of the pandemic. CONG helped through all of them. CONG helped me by finding a way to work from home while I was stuck in India due to the travel ban. They also helped with renewing my expired visa by interacting with the IND and guiding me through the process. CONG also helped me to relocate to Utrecht by arranging a hotel close to work and guiding me to find the accommodation that suits me.

HOW I WOULD DESCRIBE CONG IN ONE SENTENCE? ‘Providing a solution for every challenge.’

THANK YOU During different challenges I faced, my contact Cora has been a calming influence. I never felt that I have to face this challenge alone. She always found a solution to help me. I want to thank Cora for that.”



Every day, more than 100 enthusiastic and talented people work on developing our products and services, marketing and online operations. Thanks to our flexible working policy, our colleagues work from our modern offices near Utrecht Centraal and from home. Since our customers are based all over the world, this is reflected by our workforce too. This makes it possible for people exploring Europe with our passes to get the best advice in their own language. Diversity is one of our company values and we’re proud that our team is comprised of 35 different nationalities! The philosophy behind our way of working is that employees with a good work/life balance are better performers.

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